One question we get often is, “okay, now that I’ve invested time and money into creating video content – where should I put it?”.

Video content can go in so many places – your YouTube channel, on your Facebook page, on LinkedIn, on your website and on Instagram just to name a few. However, depending on where you’re looking to post a video and how you’re looking to post it may determine how it’s produced.

If you’re looking to use Instagram as one of the main platforms for your video content, the first thing to consider is length. The Instagram platform only allows us to post videos that are up to 60 seconds in length (previously it was 15 seconds so this can change). However, if you’re looking to share longer content on Instagram you have two choices – to post the video to your stories or to post it to your IGTV channel.

Besides length, the major difference when posting to your feed versus posting to your stories or to IGTV is traditional horizontal video versus vertical video. Both stories and IGTV cater towards vertical video meaning the creator needs to capture video on their smartphones or capture video that can be properly adjusted to fully fill the vertical screen.

Right now, there is a major mix on Instagram in terms of DIY content and professional content and depending on where the video is uploaded – stories, IGTV or on the feed plays a role in determining what makes the most sense and when.

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