Have you ever wondered, “Is Facebook important for my business?”

The short answer is “Yes”, but it’s a bit more complicated than that.  According to recent studies, 81% of Americans are on Facebook and they spend over 30 minutes per day using it.  This is more than they use Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any other competitor. So, don’t tell me that your clients aren’t on Facebook because they definitely are.

However, Facebook is not meant to be used primarily for client acquisition and I think that this is where most businesses get confused.  Owners see no immediate return on investment, so they decide that it is not worth the time. 

Facebook should be used for 3 things: 
  • building your brand
  • connecting with your community 
  • showcasing your wins for your clients

Building Your Brand

To build your brand, you’ll want to post information on your feed that demonstrates your knowledge and why a client should call you.  This can include videos, infographics, free pdfs, etc. Anything that shows why you are the attorney that they should call when they need help.  Help people solve small problems. For example, if you are a divorce attorney, you could create a downloadable pdf that tells people the first 5 things to do when starting a divorce.

Connecting With Your Community

Law Firms frequently take place in community happenings, sponsor events and sit on non profit boards.  Let people know that you are involved and care! Sometimes, attorneys can be found intimidating, so small things like this can humanize you, making you more approachable.

Showcasing your wins for your clients

This is the easiest one to do because you are posting about your day. Obviously, we are not saying to reveal confidential information, but there are a lot of ways that you can talk about your work.  For instance, if you just won a big case for a client, post a link to an article about it. If you were featured in a news segment, link to the video. Write an article for the bar association? Post a link so people can find it easier.

Facebook is great when the expectations for it are reasonable.  Stick to the above three post types and it will help grow your firm over time.

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