Using video is an essential part of your online marketing strategy; you’ve probably heard that before. But have you ever stopped to consider what kinds of videos would be the best ones to prioritize? If you haven’t already watched our video on client testimonial videos, that would be the next one to watch. It goes into detail about how we go about capturing testimonial videos and provides tips and tricks if you’re looking to capture them on your own if you’re just getting started using video to market your firm. 

Our first recommendation for the kinds of videos you should prioritize making is client testimonial videos. Who better to sell your business than your happy clients. Sharing their experience through video helps your prospects put themselves in your happy clients shoes, and your clients may reflect on aspects of your service that you never even realize were differentiators for them. Your credibility will go through the roof when prospects see that not only were your past clients happy, but they were happy enough to take the time out of their lives to be on camera to talk about how grateful they are to have worked with you. What a win! 

The second kind of video that we always recommend creating is a firm brand video for your website. This gives you the chance to share firm culture, differentiators, services as well as showcase your office space, your team and diversity. There’s so much potential in a true brand video. We always like to say this kind of video brings your brand to life. Every aspect of video plays a role in the quality of the video, the music selection, and the branded graphics. This kind of content technically takes more planning and intentionality than other content, but it’s definitely worth it. 

The third kind of video to produce is FAQ videos. These can be super effective to not only position yourself as an industry leader, but also fit nicely into your SEO and online marketing strategy. The best way to go about creating FAQ videos is to determine what your prospects are typing into Google. What answers are they looking for as it relates to your area of practice? These can be short no more than two minutes in length and if done correctly, can make a big difference in your website traffic and engagement on social platforms. More site traffic and more engagement from the right people will ultimately affect your bottom line and get you more qualified clients faster. 

If any of these types of videos sound like something that your firm could benefit from, contact us for a free consultation. There’s a lot that goes into creating content and the strategy behind it but our process is efficient with both your time and money. We can’t wait to hear from you

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