Have you ever wondered how Google decides which law firms come up in the map results when someone googles a certain phrase? You might even be wondering why your law firm doesn’t come up!

Well, one factor in that decision is the category selection in your company’s Google My Business profile.  You may select one primary category, but you can select up to 10 categories overall. 

However, for law firms, there are multiple categories available as seen below:


Administrative attorney

Bankruptcy attorney

Bankruptcy service

Civil Law Attorney

Criminal justice Attorney

Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Service

Elder Law Attorney

Employment Attorney

Estate Planning Attorney

Family Law Attorney

General Practice Attorney

Immigration Attorney

Insurance Attorney

Labor Relations Attorney

Law Firm


Legal Services

Patent Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney

Real Estate Attorney

Social Security Attorney

Tax Attorney

Trial Attorney

So with all of those choices, which is the best? How should you categorize your firm?  Most people will classify themselves under “Law Firm” and call it a day.  This will not help your firm show in the Google map.

To figure out the best categories, you will want to look at the Google My Business profiles of the best-ranking law firms in your area and “spy” on them.

For this example, let’s assume that you are a personal injury attorney in Pittsburgh and you want to start showing up in the Google map results.

To start, google the phrase that you would like to show up for, so we will put in “Personal Injury Attorney Pittsburgh” and scroll to the map

You can see that our results are one ad as well as three organic results.  All of these firms have “Personal Injury Attorney” as their primary category, which makes sense given our search term.  The real question is, what are the other categories that they have chosen that are helping their Google My Business profile as well?

Click on “More Places” to see the full list of personal injury attorneys in Pittsburgh.

To see their other categories, copy the name of the first firm.  In this example, it is “Edgar Snyder & Associates”.

Go to https://google.com/maps, paste in the name of the firm and hit enter.  This will bring up their profile in Google Maps.  You can see their profile cover image, the primary category, their ratings and more.

We are going to use this profile to see the other categories that they have selected and “spy” on them a bit.

Hover your mouse near the white space next to their name and right-click.  Select the “View Page Source” option.  You may also press Ctrl + U to view the page source.

This will bring up the source code for the page and it may look scary, but it’s not!  

We want to find the part of the code where the categories are listed.  So, press Ctrl + F (or Command + F if you’re on a Mac) and it will bring up the “Find Next” dialog box.  Type in the primary category phrase of the business that you are looking into and hit enter.

Because in this example we know that their primary category is “Personal Injury Attorney”, we will enter that into the “Find Next” dialog box.  This will show us everywhere the phrase “personal injury attorney” comes up.  In fact, it highlights the phrase that you search for every time that it occurs on the page.  

Hit the down carrot until you find the other categories that have been selected by the firm.  Typically, this will be 2-4 times.  You’ll know when you found it because you will see other category names next to it.

In this example, we had to hit the down carrot two times to find the other categories, which are boxed in yellow.  As you can see, this law firm also chose the categories “Attorney” and “Employment Attorney” for their Google My Business Profile.

You’ll want to perform this task for the three top ranking firms for your search phrase.  Then, enter a new search phrase and start again.  Once you have done this for 3-5 search phrases, you should have the categories that the top law firms are using for their profiles in your area.  Add the categories that make sense to your Google My Business and start improving your map ranking!

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