One kind of video that applies to any business is customer testimonial or customer experience videos. Who better to sell your products than current or past happy customers? Our team always encourages our clients to capture a few of these videos to mix into their marketing strategy.

The longer form videos, usually around 3 minutes, can live on your website and YouTube channel and then you can post them periodically on social media. We also like to break up the client responses so that shorter clips can be shared on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and to stretch the content as much as possible.

Ideally these videos would be filmed at your firm so that multiple customers could potentially be scheduled for the same day. However, we’ve also seen the benefit of filming clients in their own homes so that they are more comfortable on camera and that it’s a more convenient experience overall. Either way, our team will handle all the video production for these videos and act as a talent manager in a way.

In these videos your client is the talent. We always want to capture the most authentic answers possible but sometimes non professional on-camera talent like your clients may need some coaching to be sure they look and sound their best.

We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience with us and feel confident about themselves so we’ll work with your clients as if they were our own to make sure we deliver unique client testimonial-based content. We conduct these interviews in a very candid, casual way, having the client look off-camera talking directly to one of our crew members instead of looking into the lens.

We’ll work with you to determine the most ideal set of questions and prompts to be sure their story is told.

Have a happy customer or 5 that you know would share their experience on video? Connect with us and we’ll do all the heavy lifting to make sure these stories are heard and seen.

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